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Are you a distressed property owner who:

  • Has little or no equity and needs to sell without paying high real estate commissions and fees?

  • Needs to relocate and sell your home fast?

  • Wants to sell a house needing work that you can’t afford to repair?

  • Needs to settle an estate or sell an inherited property?

  • Wants to escape a looming foreclosure?

  • Needs to sell a rental property leased to bad tenants?

  • Wants to rid yourself of a vacant property you can no longer manage or make payments on?

  • Needs to sell your home due to divorce?

  • Wants to get out of an upside down mortgage?


We buy single and multi-family homes in any condition and we have no rules on which homes we can buy.  Is your home:

  • A vacant eyesore?

  • Filled with problem tenants?

  • A well-maintained owner-occupied property?

  • Inherited, abandoned or in need of repair?

  • It doesn’t matter to us – we want to work with you!


Our Fast Home Buying Process:

  • Fill out our three simple questions by clicking "Get a Fair Cash Offer"!

  • We will reach out to speak with you about the property.

  • We will provide a fair written offer to Buy Your House, with no obligations or hidden fees.

  • If you accept our offer, we will manage the process to keep it simple and smooth for you.

  • You can get cash in as little as 10 days after closing and use a trustworthy title company in your area.


We Make Selling Your Home Fast and Easy!

Righteous Investment Properties Group (RIPG) is the way to go when you need to sell your property fast!  We buy houses in any-condition all around the country. We are real estate investors, not real estate agents so when you work with us, you avoid the waiting and worry that comes with a traditional real estate listing.


We pay you cash for your home, putting you on the fast track to selling your property fast, and closing on your terms. Plus, when you choose to sell your property to us, you never get stuck paying fees or commissions like you do with a regular home sale through a broker or agent. Since we buy properties in "as-is" condition you never have to pay money out of pocket to get your home ready to sell.  You can forget about making repairs, cleaning and staging your property for open houses and showings.


No matter what condition properties are in or how they look inside or out, we make all-cash offers on houses which meet our buying criteria. So now it’s your move! Connect with us today to get your FREE all-cash fair offer.

Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home vs. Selling to Us

Property owners have the advantage of holding real estate located in a seller's market but using a local real estate agent is not always the best option when you need to sell your home fast.  The fact is most sellers don't know that a higher priced property listing with a local real estate agent doesn't always equal more money in their pocket when the deal is done.  That's why you should compare your options and make an informed decision.  The below chart provides details seller's should consider before listing their property with a real estate agent. 

















Do the Math, Consider Your Needs and Pick the Best Deal For You

A cash offer on your property may be comparatively less than its current listing price. However, you must also carefully consider other important factors besides price when selling your property. Selling your home the traditional way through a real estate agent won’t get you certain important benefits like convenience, speed and flexibility. When you look at the big picture, selling your home to us may be the best option since a local real estate agent can’t offer these advantages:



Traditional buyers only want to see picture perfect properties when considering what home to buy. But we are different, we really love handyman specials and want to make an offer on your home right now! We simply do not care what condition your property is in, when making a fair all-cash offer to buy. So forget about spending your precious time, energy and money prepping, cleaning, and repairing your unwanted property, instead sell it to us without all of the hassle.



When you sell your property to us you eliminate many of the expenses typically paid out by home sellers, including closing fees. We take care of the closing fees for you, letting you rest easier when selling your property. After all other liens and expenses on the property are paid out to lenders and anyone else money is owed to, you’re left with much more cash in your pocket to spend the way that you choose.



Instantly end the expense and stress of past due mortgages, overdue utility bills, burdensome property taxes, mandatory insurance payments and costly repairs for a property that you can no longer afford to own. Instead of waiting an average of 90 days to sell your home the traditional way, you can sell your house fast to us and walk away with the cash you need in days, not months.



We make selling your home fast, easy and affordable. Our full-service professional home buying team is waiting to hear from you.  We offer a winning solution to your property ownership worries. Selling your home to us may be the answer to quickly getting rid of an unwanted property that you no longer need or no longer can afford.  Selling your home to us saves you so much time and money that it’s worth getting in touch with us today because our offer may be the best option for you. We offer exactly what you’ve been searching for: a fast way out of home ownership with a pocket full of cash!


Instantly Unlock Your Property’s Value by Working With Us!  We also promise to never charge you any fees or commissions whatsoever when you sell your property to us.  How’s that for a win-win solution to your property ownership worries?  START TODAY WITH A FREE NO-RISK, NO-OBLIGATION OFFER TO BUY YOUR HOME!


Timeline:  We normally send a fair cash offer to buy your house no later than 48 hours after receiving your property questionnaire.  After that, you can close the sale with us in 10 days, or on a date that you choose. As an added bonus, you can sometimes get a check for your home within the same day that you accept our offer.

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